Crystal Ruiz Mills Relief Fund

Crystal Ruiz-Mills, was struck by a motorist at this past weekends Broward County Critical Mass. She is in the hospital with broken vertebrates and has already had surgery to replace the shattered L1 bone in her back. She is suffering through a lot of pain and discomfort. On top of all that. Crystal has a family. Two sons and a really cool husband, Andy. I have set up a donation through the PayPal link below. We can help them through these tough times. Like most of us, Crystal is not covered under any insurance plan. So anything will help.

Crystal has most likely brewed your espresso shots, or poured your morning coffee once or twice if you live in the Fort Lauderdale area. She works at Brew Urban Cafe in Victoria Park. She and her family ride their bikes everywhere because they don’t have a car. She is local artist and photographer. She is an unselfish, caring woman with a giant heart.

Anything helps. Thank you
Please go to to donate !


One Response to “Crystal Ruiz Mills Relief Fund”

  1. Donate Your Car Says:

    Sorry to hear about this tragic accident.

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