11 Responses to “Jerseys”

  1. ja Says:


  2. PaeTH Says:

    where to buy ? 😛

  3. TJ Says:

    Super nice. Where do I get one?

  4. Jason Says:

    This is a great looking top I would love to see the other colour and numbers made up. But the big thing is how do we the web user get hold of these?

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    Amazing!!! They look better then I expected. I can’t wait to get mine!!!

  6. mickey Says:

    Ack, how do we get these? In store only?

  7. BRAD Says:

    D00000D lemme buy one and ill illegally ride da MS1500000

  8. arthur Says:

    Awesome Jersey!! If you guys started selling those to the public, I WILL buy one.

  9. Philip Says:

    I do love mine…
    can someone explain the 6?…

  10. Empirezzo Says:

    *whistles @ randy!*

  11. Empirezzo Says:

    randal tha vandal~

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