DVS X Keirin Shoe!



19 Responses to “DVS X Keirin Shoe!”

  1. JC Says:

    Hotter than hot!!!

  2. oneangrytoast Says:

    whoa! wtf? outta the blue on this one. nice, clean lookin shoe!

  3. DVS X Keirin Shoe / BREAKBRAKE17 Says:

    […] Source:keirincycles […]

  4. DVS Keirin / Bicivilizate Says:

    […] DVS Keirin en Keirin […]

  5. Michael Roecklein Says:


  6. Necromation Says:

    Hotter than HOT!!!

  7. fritz Says:

    can you buy them online?

  8. nathanpizzle Says:

    Damn I want a pair

  9. 206 Says:

    yes, are they vegan?

  10. wil Says:

    is this a new DVS model? Please don’t say its a limited edition release :’-S….. This super clean shoe just really NEEDS to come to Singapore! ;-D

  11. Look At These Kicks! « Stuff Says:

    […] hope that they might be vegan! I know what I need to save up for. Over at Keirincycle’s Blog they just posted up these new DVS X Keirin shoes that look very comfortable for riding around this […]

  12. arfqaz Says:

    Where can I pick these up?

  13. poorcharliebrown Says:

    soooooooo, i want these. can i have?

  14. mathias Says:

    where can i buy them…
    they are cool… 🙂

  15. foreman Says:

    There must be huge demand for these shoes. Is there a possibility that these will become commercially available? I hope so, these shoes are rad.

  16. Klaus Says:

    I want. Could you let us know where/if/when they’re available.

  17. diego Says:

    These shoes are vegan or not?

  18. buysportshoes Says:

    nice shoes i like

  19. breakbrake17 | Blog » DVS X Keirin Shoe Says:

    […] Source:keirincycles […]

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