Spragga Benz and his evil crew members.UPDATE : WE ARE VICTORIOUS!!!!

So the city of Miami Beach permits the use of public parking so that production crews can park they’re annoying food service trucks outside of the store. Thomas attempted to get some food from this evil truck of hatred and misery , but was denied by a senior roadie because there is simply not enough delicious bacon to share with the general public. Were gonna try and hustle some BBQ from them around lunch time..We will be victorious.

Best lunch truck ever #1
Best lunch truck ever #2

EDIT!! The guys inside the Lunch truck of awesomeness were cool and they contacted us after the evil PA’s and roadies left to go back to digging through the DP and Directors asses. We were able to barter 2 of the absolute best breakfast sandwiches for some beer. YAY BEER!



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