Open Sprints Hardware

So the software is on the laptop and the final little parts came in this weekend. Johnny is going to bring over the soldering gun tonight and finish setting it up. Check the photo’s


4 Responses to “Open Sprints Hardware”

  1. Keng Says:

    Wow! Is this the bike? He told me about it that he was going to combine that HPLUSSON with that Phil and Aerospoke! But this is way better! Looks great!

    Keng, the guy from Amsterdam

    • keirincycles Says:

      Hey KENG! How’s it going man , Unfortunately the Nittos we were waiting for are on backorder , however I am sending some SOMA late risers in gold , they are exactly the same material size and color, let us know what you think of them and if need be we can mail you or trade you back for the nittos when they are back in stock in the summer, we tried every distributor in the country. – Nick

  2. Kurt Says:

    This has to be the first CF frame – track or road – that I’ve ever found quite particularly attractive. What is it?


  3. N3RDSP0RTS Says:

    … and the curiosity continues! What frame is that?!

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