yes, breaking the ice

Karate kid II!  So bird ninjas attacked our sign today.  Pigeons don’t act tough, but when they shit on your best friend while he’s riding a bike, you sometimes think he’s laughing as he’s flying away.  Leader (new stuff  that really isn’t out yet)  is sponsoring our opening and our rollers (,  we’ve got Cog issue 5 on the way, and after speaking with Blackshaw (,  he said that the macaframa film was shoulder to shoulder in orlando and way worth the wait.  Our friend Jason is in Japan right now sourcing njs frames,  the kids from have an order coming our way, and our other frame finding friend Chincea leaves tomorrow for 6 months to Italy.    Our Grand Opening is feb. 11th,  Tatanka is presenting and promoting it, our open sprints will be in the shop for warming up, but the sprint after the opening will be from Keirin to Shiso at 10pm.,  a 2 km sprint with a 100 dollar bar/sushi tab from Shiso and a 100 dollar gift certificate from Keirin Cycles split between the first three finishers.  Big thanks to Rydel for putting us up on his  site.


2 Responses to “yes, breaking the ice”

  1. JC Says:

    “Gotta keep my cool, make ’em think I’m made of stone…”

    Ahh, It sounds like amazing things are happening!!!

  2. cinzia Says:

    yeahhhh…. breaking the ice…. here in Italy is freezing and peoples keep riding , amazing. Hey keep it real and I’ll contact you as soon I have some good news.

    Ciao Cinzia

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