so despite everything, we’re almost ready to open.  our friend eighty’s came by earlier and had a prank  phone call fest and sir josh dowd had to catch a plane.        dowd  had earlier in the day helped film a short with joey p, showed some footage of the eighty puking while flip steadily  worked on putting holes into the skate benches next door.      we secured,, and, today, and so if you’re  here you probably found us from one of those.       talked to our friend rydel about the bike race that’s going to happen next week, and we’re happy that the shop doors will be open.       logo’s will be on the doors tomorrow, and stuff will be in the store by friday.    special congrats go out to our friends’ sam and star on their recent engagment!


One Response to “soon”

  1. michael thomas Says:

    i nearly lost it when i was walking down 9th after work and saw the shop…I looked in to see bikes i’ve been dreaming about for months now!! Can’t wait to get a build going through you guys

    All the best

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